TSMC, Sony look forward to a chip manufacturing joint venture

On Friday, TSMC in Taiwan and Sony Group in Japan are considering jointly building a chip factory in Japan, and the Tokyo government will pay a part of the investment of about 800 billion yen ($ 7.15 billion). I reported that I was ready.

According to the report, the factory in Kumamoto in southern Japan will produce products such as semiconductors for automobiles and camera image sensors that have suffered a global disk shortage, and may start in 2024. I have.

According to the report, Denso, a major Japanese auto parts manufacturer, also wants to be involved in on-site equipment installation. Group member Toyota Motor Corporation is looking for a stable inventory of chips used in automobile parts.

The government wants to increase its domestic production capacity as the lack of processing power from refrigerators and iPhones to automobiles and power plants is hitting manufacturers around the world. Among them, China has invested heavily in SMIC, a local manufacturer.

China has not ruled out the use of force to bring democratic islands under control.

Japanese officials are also concerned about the stability of their industry’s supply chain as automakers are forced to cut production due to a global shortage of chips.

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