TensorIoT Solutions Now Available in Indonesia from Berca Hardayaperkasa

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Jan 14, 2022
TensorIoT Solutions Now Available in Indonesia from Berca Hardayaperkasa

TensorIoT SmartInsights supports the collection, visualization, and analysis of equipment data to help industrial companies make informed operational decisions.

IRVINE, CALIF., UNITED STATES, January 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TensorIoT and Berca Hardayaperkasa are excited to announce their partnership to improve operational efficiency in manufacturing and other industrial companies throughout Indonesia. TensorIoT provides IoT, AI, and machine learning (ML) solutions built on AWS which have been deployed around the world. Berca Hardayaperkasa is a well-known provider of ICT services founded in 1990 and headquartered in Jakarta.

SmartInsights from TensorIoT, powered by AWS, provides business customers with live access to operational data from anywhere in the world. The software is available off-the-shelf to be deployed in each customer’s own AWS account and customized to meet specific needs. Customers already use SmartInsights to increase situational awareness by quickly seeing key operational data and metrics at a global level. From there, customers can drill down to individual sites and specific assets. Insights gained from increased data visibility guide companies to make more confident, data-driven production decisions.

Berca Hardayaperkasa provides customers with the knowledge and support necessary to implement critical industrial solutions such as SmartInsights. In an era of exponential and disruptive change, digital transformation is one of the main strategies that leading companies are using to stay ahead in the face of competition and to create new business models. Implementing change to become more modern is the key to driving innovation and realizing the benefits of Industry 4.0.

By working together, Berca Hardayaperkasa and TensorIoT are simplifying the digital transformation journey for manufacturers and other industrial companies in Indonesia. Berca Hardayaperkasa provides local knowledge and expertise to work with customers and enable quick and efficient digital transformations. Through visualizations and analytics provided by TensorIoT SmartInsights, industrial customers can rapidly convert machine data into useful information to improve operations.

“We are delighted to be bringing TensorIoT SmartInsights, powered by AWS, to companies in Indonesia,” said Nicco Putra, Senior Alliance Manager at Berca Hardayaperkasa, “as TensorIoT is a clear leader in creating highly customizable solutions on AWS to improve and modernize industrial and commercial operations.”

“Berca Hardayaperkasa is an ideal partner in Indonesia,” commented John Traynor, Vice-President and General Manager of Products and Solutions at TensorIoT, “as they have both the knowledge of the Indonesian market and the necessary skills to customize SmartInsights to address the unique needs of local customers.”

TensorIoT SmartInsights, powered by AWS, is available now in Indonesia through Berca Hardayaperkasa.


About TensorIoT Inc.: TensorIoT is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that has achieved the AWS IoT Competency, AWS Machine Learning Competency, AWS Industrial Software Competency, AWS Machine Learning Operations Competency, AWS Applied AI Competency, AWS Retail Competency, AWS Energy Competency, and AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency designations. The company also has multiple AWS Service Delivery credentials for AWS IoT services. Founded by a former AWS employee, TensorIoT has delivered successful projects across the world in the IoT & ML space and has offices in the U.S. (California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Florida), the UK, India, and Japan. TensorIoT is customer obsessed and practices the AWS leadership principles. With its deep experience delivering complete end-to-end solutions, from edge devices to end users in IoT, or data engineering to automated ML pipeline, the company’s team of AWS certified architects can quickly assist customers in realizing their technology and business goals.

About PT Berca Hardayaperkasa: Since its establishment in 1990, PT Berca Hardayaperkasa (BHp) has been one of the leading providers of Enterprise Information & Communication Technology (IT), Communication [Telecommunication Measurement & Infrastructure (TMI) and Network Service Provider (NSP)] and Test & Measurement (T&M) solutions in Indonesia. BHp is also supported by other principals and has continued to excel in providing efficient ICT solutions, from hardware system to total solutions and services, to over 500 corporations of various industry disciplines nationwide. Based in Jakarta with representative offices in Bandung, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Batam, Yogyakarta, Riau and elsewhere, BHp’s core business activities are to provide computing system, IT consulting services, communication technology & services, and T&M products and services to corporations. Today BHp is employing more than 500 ICT Professionals, satisfying the increasingly complex demands of diverse industries, which include manufacturing, retail & distribution, communication, financial service, earth resources, utilities and government related sectors.

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TensorIoT Solutions Now Available in Indonesia from Berca Hardayaperkasa -

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