Respected Graduate School in Singapore opens new chapter with new name, new logo, and new motto

Respected Graduate School in Singapore opens new chapter with new name, new logo, and new motto

Respected Graduate School in Singapore opens new chapter with new name, new logo, and new motto -

Aventis School of Management has rebranded into Aventis Graduate School along with a new logo and motto.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, January 13, 2022 / — Leading Singapore graduate school Aventis School of Management is pleased to announce that it has launched a rebranding initiative to align with the evolving learning needs of working professionals and adult learners across Asia. As part of the rebranding initiative, the esteemed institution has changed its name to “Aventis Graduate School”, in alignment with its goal to provide industry-leading graduate and doctorate education. The institution has also come up with a new logo and new motto in the New Year.

“Our rebranding represents the natural evolution of our evolution process as a dedicated graduate school for working professionals- a critical step to thrive and scale our institution.” shared Mr Stanley Soh, Academic Director, Aventis Graduate School.

Aventis’ new logo stands out with its forward-looking layout which features two pillars converging to create an “A”-like structure on top of the name of the institution. The upward-pointing line symbolizes ascend, speed, positivity, and velocity. The two pillars of “A” stand for the core pillars of Aventis- higher education and corporate training. The two pillars also signify roads leading to new potential horizons. The convergence of two lines has created an inverted triangle that represents the institution’s recent focus on enhancing the learning delivery through the help of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Aventis’ new motto is – Aspire. Achieve. Accomplish.

“Year 2022 marks the start of another remarkable milestone for Aventis. Moving forward, we aim to offer more in-demand graduate programmes to help our students to excel and to upskill in today’s industry. In true reflection of Aventis dedication to the provision of quality graduate education to every aspiring learner, it is with immense pleasure the new motto of our institution.” Added Mr Soh

“We are excited and looking forward to creating a positive and impactful learning environment where we will ‘collectively’ Aspire new ambitions, Achieve greater success, and Accomplish meaningful futures. We extend a warm welcome to every aspiring and ambitious learner in Singapore and the Asian region to join us on this new, exciting journey as we break new grounds and redefine the boundaries of an affordable, quality graduate education.”

Aventis Graduate School has also recently expanded its programmes portfolio to include skill development opportunities in 3 high growth areas- Digital, Green and Care Economy- as identified recently by SkillsFuture Singapore. The institution has established three new academic pillars in Business Sustainability, Frontier Technologies and Social Sciences. These 3 pillars are projected to serve as a catalyst to propel rapid growth of Aventis as well as empower the learners with major in-demand skills and know-how in Business Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, Workplace Learning, Counseling and Psychotherapy.

About Aventis Graduate School (AGS)

Aventis Graduate School is a leading Graduate School that is dedicated to the Professional development of working professionals and adult learners across Asia. Founded in 2007, the institution has been the pioneer of Professional and Leadership development, actively shaping up global leaders, transforming organizations, and paving the way for high impact graduate education. Aventis is a registered with Executive MBA Council (EMBA Council), AACSB business education alliance, Skillsfuture Singapore, International Association of Counselling (IAC). Aventis collaborates with leading Universities across the UK and United States, to offer an extensive suite of over 45 postgraduate programmes, ranging from AI to cyber security to human resources to business to finance, and many more. As of January 2022, Aventis has 3,000+ successful graduates and 60,000 learners from 35 nations across the world.

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Respected Graduate School in Singapore opens new chapter with new name, new logo, and new motto -

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