Honda plans out a new light jet model owing to the increasing private travel

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. launched plans for a new lightweight commercial jet that can fly continuously through the United States on Tuesday, but the company is trying to meet the growing demand for personal travel.

The aircraft, which seats 11 people, offers up to 20% higher fuel efficiency than other jets in this category, the company said. Honda Aircraft unveiled its new design at the National Business Aviation Association show in Las Vegas, the industry’s largest business jet show. We did not guarantee that the aircraft would be manufactured or that it would provide a schedule for receiving orders.

Honda Aircraft, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (7267.T) in Japan, currently manufactures the 6-seater HondaJet.

Honda’s plan will come to fruition when commercial aviation traffic exceeds pre-pandemic levels, and some aviation operators will have to turn down new customers.

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